MWM Environmental provides enhanced, efficient, and effective services to our customers including front load, residential curbside, roll off, and used motor oil collection services for all your needs to be handled in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Whether you going to be renting a bin temporarily, short term, or long term we will provide you the best suited containers to meet your requirements for the job

• Curbside Services

• Waste Collection

• Recycling


The landfill is a critical part of our business. It serves as a location for us to dispose of our waste. We expect employees and customers to respect the regulations for the material that is disposed of in the landfill and in the customer rented dumpsters.

Some of the waste that we do accept includes construction, industrial, and household waste. We also take SRM (specific risk material) and all animal dead stock. We have special provisions for some types of waste that we do accept e.g. asbestos.

Waste that we do not accept include prohibited waste and some products that can be recycled. Prohibited waste includes but is not limited to PCB's, liquid waste, refrigerant containing products, radioactive, bio hazardous, and hazardous waste. Some of the waste that we like to see diverted from our landfill include steel, rubber tires, and gas containing products.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions regarding the disposal of your waste. We can give you advice related to the location where certain waste should be taken. We can also help you with the transportation of the waste, whether it goes to the landfill or not.


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